Sisi... ho rubato lo slogan di comba, ma quà ci stava tutto..
beh.. ora che ci penso, perchè "non rubare altro ad altri visto che ci sono"..?
incollo paro paro cosa dicono di questo TD


* "Indie Pick of the Week: Creeper World"
* "...a refreshingly dark and morbid real-time strategy (RTS) game...."
* "'s got it where it counts in the gameplay department."
* "Strategy fans should definitely check this one out."

Thirteen 1 Magazine

* "...ridiculously good indie-RTS..."
* "'s damned impressive."
* "...Creeper World delivers addictive gameplay and an enemy that's refreshingly different..."
* "...Creeper World is one of a kind..."
* "Its mix of tower defense and RTS works wonderfully and the amount of missions will keep you coming back for more."

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN

* "You're so ("Very"-Ed) Special: Creeper World"
* "...Creeper World is the most apocalyptic game I've played in ages...."
* " uses its functionality with style."

* "If your're a strategy fan or tower defense fan try this game now!"
* "I was completely taken in by the ambient soundtrack..."
* "...the forward planning and tactical side of the game shines."
* "... you can easily lose hours to it."
* "Great concept, and with this many levels you’ll have hours of fun pushing back that deceptively fast creep!"

# "Creeper World is a clever and infectious strategy game that is a blast to play."
# "It's a great strategy game, and it's addicting."
# "It also manages to give the player a real sense of danger and fear..."

E a izu piace...?

Il palato, senza dubbio divenuto sempre più fine, del sito, lo vota attualmente con un memorabile 4.32/5
mettendolo al secondo posto in assoluto in termini di voto...
davanti persino a capolavori devastanti come Onslaught... Gem tower defence... i 2 Gem Craft... ecc ecc
personalmente, lo definisco il tower defence + originale e accattivante mai provato